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Experience Work-Life Balance?



The proprietary 4-step system to help you gain clarity so you can live a life aligned with your Core Values.

This playbook is designed to help make your life choices and decisions easier so that you learn to give TO yourself as much as you give OF yourself.

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Who IS Kathy Mela?

And Why Should You Care?

Kathy Mela helps accomplished women leaders who are

completely stressed out and exhausted,

learn to pivot, lessen their load and love their life again!

Through brain science and mental fitness, she guides executives, professionals & entrepreneurs to greater clarity, confidence & courage by helping them identify the patterns that hold them back from being a more purposeful, powerful, brilliant leader.

Her mission is to empower women to know their true value and

step IN to their powerful, feminine leadership towards creating a

win-win world with NO ONE left out!

"When what you think, say and do are in alignment,

THEN YOU have the clarity, confidence and courage

to take ACTION towards your goals, creating a

Life YOU LOVE to Live!"